Why I Still Love Selling Real Estate After 32 Years. (true story!)

Sometimes clients ask me if I still enjoy selling real estate after 32 years and all of the changes since the old days. My answer? Absolutely! You know that once you master your art or your craft, it becomes easy and enjoyable. I have probably closed about seven hundred escrows, sold every type of property imaginable, and have helped many buyers and sellers. And the best part of my experience is getting to meet and know all of my interesting clients.

My clients have ranged from mom and pop property owners to the titans of industry and everything in between including artists, athletes, contractors, real estate moguls, huge developers, pro coaches, bodybuilders, actors, directors, producers, attorneys, probate executors, and just plain ole folks!

I have learned so many valuable lessons about real estate, business, art, culture, the movie business, sports, sales, construction, success, and just life in general from my varied clients.

I also enjoy the fact that I help so many people. Just the other day, my sellers in Venice, who are in their 80’s, purchased their very first mobile phone. It was an iPhone 8. After a recent showing they asked me to help them figure it out. I proceeded to set up their contact app, text app, calendar, and a mapping app for using GPS. I also put my contact info in the phone as well as their daughter’s info who lives in South Carolina with her son and husband. They said she also had an iPhone. I said, “Watch this” and dialed her number via Face Time. You should have seen the looks on their faces as they saw their daughter and grandson on the screen. It was priceless!!

The other thing I really enjoy about the real estate business is that no two days are ever alike. I enjoy variety! One day I may be downtown at a probate court hearing for a client, the next day I am inspecting and photographing an apartment building in Venice Beach, and the next day, I am in Malibu meeting with an investor who is thinking about retiring and selling his multifamily portfolio.

So yes I still enjoy this career and look forward to the future and hopefully getting my children to follow in Dad’s footsteps.